Project Management


Through our managed network, Inc. manages the delivery, installation, assembly and renovation services that are sold to the retailer's customers from the point of sale through to the sign-off of completed work or delivery by the customer. We have created a streamlined process that connects all parties through a custom hosted software solution. Our technology supported process provides a high level of visibility into job status, the ability for real-time updates by contractors through mobile interfaces, and a simplified billing process that has significantly reduced financial administration costs.

We assign dedicated project management executives to work with you on all aspects of your initiatives - from inception through completion. Our project managers are supported by a strong office and field management structure, as well the latest technology to manage workflows and communicate progress.

We help you discover what you need to see long-term success for your projects by figuring out where solutions create the most value in your business. We follow an approach that engages the entire organization. Each department has its own performance metrics that aim to meet the challenges and bottlenecks that executives, project managers, technical experts and frontline employees face every day.

Our customer feedback system also allows us to measure our performance on any given project to ascertain that the highest level of execution is met every time. We have key performance indicators (KPIs) that enhance our customer service and contributes to your brand’s protection. We continually improve our competencies for logistics and provide innovative ways to meet your company’s objectives.