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Founded in 2004, QuickContractors.com Inc. was established with the goal of helping residential homeowners connect with contractors who were licensed, qualified and had a reputation for providing excellent service at a fair price. Today, QuickContractors.com Inc. is working with over one thousand well respected companies across the country, and has established a national network of highly skilled, pre-certified contractors, capable of facilitating the full outsourcing of a wide variety of delivery, installation, assembly and renovation services.

Our years of experience co-ordinating the national delivery, installation and assembly programs for large national retailers has enabled us to successfully manage over a quarter of a million jobs and has provided our business with an unmatched understanding of value by comparing service levels of contractors across the country. The benefit to our retail and residential customers is that the volume of work managed by QuickContractors.com Inc. provides us with the ability to identify those companies providing the best value to our customers and ensure they are re-engaged in future work. We are actively looking to identify the best businesses that provide the best value to their customers, and engage them on behalf of our clients.